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Updates from Coordinator for International Relations August 2017・国際交流員日記8月2017年

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Nagashi Somen and Watermellon Smashing  ・ 流しそうめんとスイカ割り 2017年8月18日


               ながしそうめん スイカ割り

Date City has a program called the Fukushima Teachering Tour. The tour brings university students from the Tokyo area who have an interest in teaching to visit Date City. While in Date City, the students learn about the area and work with middle school and elementary students. I peeked in on the group during lunch time as they ate nagashi somen, in other words, somen noodles that were floated down a bamboo pipe for participants to catch and eat.


After eating lots of somen noodles, the children played a game called suica wari. In this game, a child wears a blindfold and then tries to find and break open a watermelon with a bamboo stick. The children had a lot of fun!


Peach Picking in Hobara  ・ 保原町で桃狩り 2017年8月15日

                   桃狩り 桃狩り 

With a wealth of orchards, Date City is also known as the fruit kingdom. The other day, I joined the Revere Exchange Program to enjoy some peach picking. It was very rainy that morning, but we had lots of fun. The program participants were also surprised to see frogs and a Japanese rhinoceros beetle as well!


                   桃狩り 桃狩り

There is a Japanese idiom that says, “Farm when sunny, read when rainy,” but fresh peaches from Date City are quite similar to small packages of sunshine. Thanks to the peaches, there was no need to worry about the rain!


Kumiko, Japanese Traditonal Woodworking ・ 組子、日本の伝統的な木工 2017年8月10日


                  組子 組子

Recently, the Revere City Exchange program came to visit Date City. They had quite a busy schedule, and I was honored to join them in a number of different activities. One of the first places that we visited was the Shirai mokojo, a woodworking company located in Date City where I helped with interpreting. Exchange members learned about Kumiko, a traditional Japanese craft where the woodworker assembles various pieces of wood to create an intricate latticework. Participants assembled a small hexagonal pattern. It was a fascinating experience to watch as the company president, Mr. Shirai used tools of his own design to cut the various pieces of wood used for kumiko. He explained that he first learned about kumiko in a math class during his childhood.


The Date Fureai Center Gym  ・ 伊達ふれあいセンターの健康増進室 2017年8月3日

                                          健康増進室入口 ダンベル

I recently visited a small gym located in the Date City Fureai Center, the same building that hosts the library. It’s a clean and friendly facility, equipped with dumbbells and weight training machines as well as treadmills and exercise bikes. Locks are provided for the lockers, and showers are also available.


                                          マシン マシン 

The facilities are open from Tuesday through Friday 10:00 to 12:30 and 13:30-20:30. Saturday, Sunday, and Holiday hours are 9:00-12:00 and 13:00-18:00. Facility fees are 210 yen for Date City residents and 310 yen for non-residents. First time visitors should schedule a facility orientation on Wednesday, Thursday, or Sunday.


You can call the facility at (024)-551-2150 (Japanese)


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