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Update from Coordinator for International Relations July 2018・国際交流員日記7月2018年

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梁川まちの駅 ・ Yanagawa's Machi no Eki 2018年7月26日


A ten minute walk from the Abukuma Express’s Kibo no Mori Koen Mae Station, Yanagawa’s new Machi no Eki is a cozy place to shop for local produce and handmade goods, try Date City’s special chicken, or just take a rest after exploring the city.


梁川まちの駅 梁川まちの駅

Unlike the city’s Michi no Eki (“Road Stations”), Yanagawa and other Machi no Eki (“Town Stations”) are based in the center of town. This allows you to buy genuinely local produce cheaply! That includes these eggs that are guaranteed to have two yolks each!



梁川まちの駅 梁川まちの駅

梁川まちの駅 梁川まちの駅

Yanagawa Machi no Eki sits at the center of a huge number of Date City’s historical sites and is dedicated to the preservation of local history. In the parking lot you can find a stone that was used to hitch horses to the side of the road, and inside, a map of the area as it was in the early 1800s is posted to the wall, complete with remaining historical sites indicated with arrows!

There is also a special exhibition of Kakizaki Hakyō’s work, which you can only see at the Machi no Eki.




If you’re in the mood for a walk, Kōkoku Temple, Yanagawa Tenjinja, and Yanagawa Hachiman Shrine are just a few of the closest places that might be of interest to those looking to learn or just enjoy the local scenery. There are even lockers and fully accessible bathrooms at the Machi no Eki to aide in your adventures!


梁川まちの駅バリアフリー 梁川まちの駅


Abukyu's Big Thanks Festival ・ あぶQの大感謝まつり 2018年7月1日

On July first, the Abukuma Express celebrated its 30th anniversary!



I was able to start the month off right and go to the Abukyu’s Daikansha (“great appreciation or thankfulness”) Festival at Yanagawa Station. It was a big hit despite the hot temperatures throughout the day. People came early to participate in an auction of some of the train line’s old furnishings. I saw one young man ride the train home carrying a seat cushion! In the afternoon there were multiple performances and, of course, a number of crafts, games, and other activities befitting a summer festival. Behind the stage, Abukyu’s Masamune Date ni Kuru themed train ran back and forth, carrying passengers to Yanagawa Station’s rail yard where they could take a look at the different models used since the line’s foundation.


あぶQまつり あぶQまつり

A large crowd of people stayed until the very end of the festival, when Date Masamune and Megohime came on stage, accompanied by one other samurai who presented the raffle prizes. The crowd even played rock paper scissors as a group to decide the last of the winners. It was clear that everyone really loves the Abukyu.


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