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Update from Coordinator for International Relations November 2018・国際交流員日記11月2018年

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Craft Show at Tsukidate’s Kōryū-kan Morimori! ・ つきだて交流館もりもりのクラフト展! 2018年11月29日

月舘交流館もりもりのクラフト展 月舘交流館もりもりのクラフト展

Before coming to Japan, I had never eaten a persimmon. I’m not even sure I had ever seen one. But in Japan, there are a lot of types of persimmon. Moreover, if you peel and hang persimmons through the Fall, you will have dried persimmons, or anpogaki, a naturally sweet snack. Anpogaki are delicious and everywhere in Date City. They’re even featured as a character in the city’s anime about Date Masamune, Masamune Date Ni Kuru.


和紙で作られたかご 和紙

月舘交流館もりもりのクラフト展 ひょうたん

Recently I learned about one more use Japanese people have found for persimmons when Tony and I visited an exhibition of handmade crafts in Tsukidate’s Kōryū-kan Morimori. Sharing a campus with Tsukidate Hana Koubou, the kōryū-kan or cultural center is a place to find locally grown produce, handmade goods, or participate in classes. They sometimes hold exhibitions of students’ work, in this case plates and baskets made of Japanese washi paper, layered with decorative patterns, and polished off using persimmons!


月舘交流館もりもりのクラフト展 ひも

たかまくら かるた

If you visit the exhibit, expect to find not only the students’ creations, but also an array of historically loaded items on display. On Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays, you can stay for lunch, guaranteed to be prepared with locally grown produce. Persimmons might even be on the menu!



(Posted by: Shannen ・ 作成者:シャネン)

Isazawa's Community Chrysanthemum Garden ・ 五十沢のざる菊 2018年11月15日

  Yanagawa’s Isazawa District is famous for delicious dried persimmons, and in late Autumn the region is adorned with fruit-laden persimmon trees, each resembling a miniature, floating pumpkin patch. Yet amidst this scenery, another sight has recently appeared in the area. Beside the Isazawa District Community Center blooms a colorful field of round chrysanthemum bushes.

 梁川町の五十沢地区は美味しいあんぽ柿で有名で、晩秋になると果実をたっぷり付けている柿の木で美観を添えます。それぞれの木がミニチュアの浮かんでいるパンプキン畑に似ています。しかし最近この風景の間、他の眺めもみることができます。 五十沢地区交流館の隣に色彩に富んだざる菊の畑が咲きます。

Chrysanthemum bushes in Isazawa ・ 五十沢の笊菊

  We enjoyed walking between the uniform rows, taking time to take in the delicate beauty of individual flowers. Nets are necessary to keep the blossoms together, but by adhering to this restraint not only is a harmonious collection of flowers formed, but the beauty of each is strangely amplified by their proximity.


Chrysanthemums blooming amidst their net ・ 網の中から咲く菊

   While training the branches of such ornamental plants, I suspect that countless generations of Japanese gardeners have seen such creations as metaphors of human societies.


A close-up of yellow chrysanthemums ・ 黄色菊の接写

  The existence of this garden is a credit to the Isazawa community, where a local gardener has selflessly created it for the public good. While we were there, carloads of people from many different places came to enjoy the site and take photographs.


The chrysanthemum garden beside the community center ・ 交流館の隣の菊畑

We hope that you can come and enjoy Isazawa’s chrysanthemums also!


Everyone loves Isazawa’s chrysanthemums! ・ 皆が大好き、五十沢の笊菊!

(Posted by: Tony ・ 作成者:トニー)

Autumn in Ryozen ・ 霊山の秋 2018年11月3日

  On a recent, chilly Saturday morning, I woke up early, hopped on my motorbike, and headed across a foggy expanse of rice fields towards Date City’s iconic Mt. Ryozen.


A line of eager mountaineers on Mt. Ryozen ・ 霊山で並んでいる熱心な登山者

  When I finally arrived, I joined a long line of people from across the country, all eager to climb the mountain and enjoy its famous autumn scenery. Most importantly, I received a commemorative badge!


My commemorative badge ・ 頂いた記念記章

  I had never climbed Mt. Ryozen before, and didn’t have much mountain climbing experience, so I was happy to hike near a group of more experienced hikers. I was particularly happy to have other people around when I climbed up a ladder to the top of a tall, rocky outcropping.


Mountaineers climbing a ladder ・ 梯子を登る登山者

  Even though using the ladder was a moderately uncomfortable experience, the breathtaking view made it worthwhile. In the clear autumn air, we could see easily Mt. Adatara, not to mention the snow-covered Mt. Adzuma.


Enjoying the view atop Mt. Ryōzen ・ 霊山頂上の景色を楽しむ

  Further on, I took a brief break at a location from which I could see the Pacific Ocean. There I met some amateur radio enthusiasts making contacts across northeast Japan.


The Pacific Ocean is visible from Mt. Ryōzen ・ 霊山から太平洋が見える                 Radio amateurs active on Mt. Ryōzen ・霊山で活動するアマチュア無線愛好者

  On the way back home from Mt. Ryozen, I stopped by the Ryozen Michi no Eki Autumn Festival. While waiting to eat freshly grilled pacific saury, I enjoyed a performance by a local taiko drum troop.


A performance of the famous Ryōzen Taiko ・ 有名の霊山太鼓の演奏        Freshly-grilled pacific saury ・ 焼いたばかり新鮮な秋刀魚

  My day had already been filled with wonderful activities, and it was still the early afternoon! I am looking forward to many more such days here in Date City.


Date City’s scenic Mt. Ryōzen ・ 伊達市の景勝の霊山

(Posted by: Tony ・ 作成者:トニー)

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