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August 2019 Update from the Coordinators for International Relations ・ 国際交流員日記8月2019年

印刷ページ表示 更新日:2019年8月30日更新

Guyana NOC Visit to Date ・ ガイアナ共和国オリンピック委員会が伊達市を訪問しました


Date City was officially registered as the “Reconstruction Arigatou Host Town” for the Republic of Guyana’s Olympic team on April 29th. And on August 22nd, it was made official at a signing ceremony held at New Otani Hotel in Tokyo.

Two members of the Republic of Guyana’s National Olympic Committee traveled for over twenty-four hours, stopping in multiple countries to reach Japan. Despite their jet lag, Mr. Garfield Whiltshire and Ms. Nalini McKoy then agreed to visit Date City, and just in time for the “Date na Taiko Drum Festival!”


Mr. Whiltshire and Ms. McKoy tried some traditional Japanese foods, including tuna sashimi and vegetable tempura. Not only was it their first time eating raw fish, but it was also their first time standing on tatami!

After lunch, Mr. Wiltshire and Ms. McKoy were treated to a guided tour of the Former Kameoka Family Residence. Afterwards, Mr. Wiltshire was asked to strike the first taiko drum before the second round of taiko drum performances!


Having explored the festival grounds, Mr. Wiltshire and Ms. McKoy left with Mayor Suda to experience peach picking for the first time! In Guyana, they said, there are no fresh peaches, but oranges, pineapples, and mangoes are commonly grown.

The night ended with a welcome reception for our guests from Guyana followed by the fireworks display at the end of the Date na Taiko Drum festival.


We’re looking forward to seeing them again next year! Good luck in the Olympics, Guyana!

(Posted by: Shannen ・ 作成者:シャネン)

Hobara Summer Festival ・ ほばらサマーフェスティバル

More people attended this year’s Hobara Summer Festival than I’ve ever seen before!



So many people joined the bon odori dance that it was hard to move around! There were multiple groups in yukata and happi, as well as the costumed groups that Hobara’s summer festival is known for.



The best costume was undoubtedly the lit up “Ohmu” bug from Ghibli Studio’s Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, but Freddie Mercury, Winnie the Pooh, and countless Marios and Luigis were also in attendance.



I danced with Date City’s International Association. Although most of us didn’t know the dance by heart, we were quick to learn it. Plus it was dark, so we could dance and enjoy the festival without worrying too much.



(Posted by: Shannen ・ 作成者:シャネン)

AbuQ Walk Takako ・ あぶQウォーク高子

This month the AbuQ Walk was held in Hobara. Starting from Takako Station, participants looped around the shrines and peach fields, stopping at KamiHobara Station before arriving at Hobara Station.



I immediately got lost but used the map to find my way back.


               熊坂家族の墓 高子二十境の丹露盤

The path worked through some of the twenty scenic views of Takako.



I thought about taking a short cut but I made some friends and continued along the path to visit Tenshōshinmei-gū.


               高子 陣屋通り

               あぶQウォーク あぶQウォーク

It was very hot but I’m glad I went. And if I go four more times I’ll be able to collect a prize!


(Posted by: Shannen ・ 作成者:シャネン)

Date City's School Lunch Center ・ 伊達市中央給食センター

Part of our work as CIRs here in Date City includes teaching English through games we play with the city’s preschool and kindergarten students. We always leave just before noon, which means we get to see the kids prepare for lunch. Some even don white jackets and rubber gloves, getting ready to serve their classmates. But the students don’t prepare the food themselves. It’s delivered to them! Last month I visited Date City’s school lunch center to see where that food comes from.



At maximum, the center provides meals for about 3,800 students per day! That includes meals for Date City’s middle schools, elementary schools, and more than half of the kindergartens and preschools. Of course, the portions vary based on the age of the students, but I thought it was cute that students across the city eat the same meal.



Even those with food allergies are able to eat the same food as their peers! In the case of soup for instance, a broth excluding allergens is prepared in a separate room. I was told that eggs are the most common allergy-causing food that the center has managed.

アレルギーのある人でも同じものを食べることができます! たとえば、スープの場合、アレルゲンを除いたものは別の部屋で用意されます。センターが管理している最も一般的なアレルギーの原因となる食べ物は卵だと言われました。

               給食センター 給食センター

We watched the people below clean some greens before sending them through a window to the next room, where they were added to the soup. Every ingredient was added slowly and checked by hand.


               給食センター 給食センター

The people working to prepare the food each wear a uniform indicating their role. For example, one person wears a pink apron, indicating that they handle the raw meat.



On the day we visited, they were making chūka-men, a type of soft noodles. The soup remains separate from the noodles until they’re delivered to the students at ten o’clock. The pace at which the food is made and delivered is impressive but not at all rushed!



The people at Date City’s school lunch center are incredibly diligent in maintaining a clean space to prepare food for the city’s students. Many of them have children themselves and understand how important it is to provide nutritionally balanced meals that will help the students’ growth, not impede it. Their food is not only safe, but also well thought out, and most importantly, it looks delicious!



(Posted by: Shannen ・ 作成者:シャネン)

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