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October 2019 Update from the Coordinators for International Relations ・ 国際交流員日記10月2019年

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Date City's Candy Shop Ghost ・ 伊達市のあめ買い幽霊

We made a kamishibai titled “The Candy Shop Ghost!”
「The Candy Shop Ghost」という紙芝居を作りました!


As CIRs, we go around to kindergartens and day care centers every month and play with the students using English. This time we wanted to do something involving Halloween. That’s when we thought to create a kamishibai based on a story local to Date City; “Ame kai yuurei.”

“Ame kai yuurei” is a folk tale well known to the people of Date City. One night, a woman bought candy from a candy shop. But her money turned into a leaf!

あめ店 あめ買い幽霊

あめ買い幽霊 あめ買い幽霊

When the candy shop owner chased after the woman, she turned into a ghost and entered a grave! Inside the grave, the shop owner found a baby boy holding candy from his shop! The woman was actually the ghost of this baby’s mother.

あめ買い幽霊の赤ちゃん あめ買い幽霊

あめ店 あめ店

The legend of “Ame kai yuurei” is said to be based on real events that happened in Date City, but details of the story vary.

We retold the story using kamishibai, a traditional Japanese method of storytelling. Shannen painted the images and Tony wrote and performed the story.

あめ買い幽霊 あめ買い幽霊

Tony’s performance of this kamishibai will soon be posted on Date City’s YouTube channel. Please look forward to it!

(Posted by: Shannen ・ 作成者:シャネン)

Date Town Comprehensive Culture Fair 40th General Exhibition ・ 伊達町総合文化祭40回総合展示会

As part of Date Town`s Comprehensive Culture Fair, a General Exhibition of the cultural pursuits of Date Town residents was held in the Date Gymnasium.


Inside the Date Gymnasium ・ 伊達体育館の中

I attended at the request of a neighbor of mine, who is a fellow member of the Fukushima Esperanto Club.


My Neighbor and Fellow Esperantist ・ エスペランティスト同士の隣さん・

She had made a display on Esperanto, with many photos of both her trips to, and friends from, foreign countries, all made by utilizing the international language.


I helped her explain and promote Esperanto study and usage.


Explaining Esperanto ・ エスペラントの説明活動

Of course, there were many wonderful exhibits on topics other than Esperanto.


Nearby, there was another exhibit on the streetcar from days of Date past.


Amongst the black and white photos, members of the Streetcar Memorial Association gave a picture board theater presentation.


Picture Board Theatre about the Date Streetcar ・ 伊達の路面電車について紙芝居

Much of the exhibition space was filled with crafts and works of art created by Date Town residents.


Some of them were created by very skilled artists.


Works by Date Town’s Great Artists ・ 伊達町の画伯の作品

There was also a plethora of artwork made by the talented young artists attending local elementary schools.


Works by Date Town’s Young Artists ・ 伊達町の若い芸術家の作品

Ceramic works were some of the artwork displayed.


Ceramic Artwork ・陶芸の作品

Visitors could even take home a piece of ceramic art in the shape of a house (though I chose to abstain).


“TAKE FREE” ・ 自由にどうぞ

There were many handmade flutes, which were probably beautiful both in sound and appearance.


Probably Beautiful in Sound As Well ・ 音も美しいでしょう

One could also view living works of art, such as elegant bonsai trees.


Elegant Bonsai Trees ・ 優雅な盆栽

Countless beautiful chrysanthemums were also on display.


Beautiful Chrysanthemums ・ 綺麗な菊

Some of them rivaled sunflowers in height.


Chrysanthemums at Sunflower Height ・ 向日葵の高さの菊

I left impressed by the various works of art, but especially by the dedication of Date Town residents to ever-enhanced cultural refinement.


The Future of Culture Starts Here ・ 未来の文化はここから

(Posted by: Tony ・ 作成者:トニー)

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